Writing a simple will uk leave

Instructions As you watch the video, look at the examples of the present simple. They are in red in the subtitles. Then read the conversation below to learn more. Finally, do the grammar exercises to check you understand, and can use, the present simple tense.

Writing a simple will uk leave

I am so happy to be home! So, tell us what happened. Well, on Thursday afternoon I saw the weather forecast on the TV in the hotel and it said there was a big storm coming. Yes, that was when we spoke.

So, I took a taxi to the airport straight away. I wanted to leave before the storm came. Did you get to the airport OK? Yes, I got there, but hundreds of other people had the same idea. The storm arrived faster than anybody expected so there were no flights!

The road to the airport was completely flooded, so nobody could go back into town. We got stuck in the airport!

writing a simple will uk leave

Did you think it would be for so long? We all thought one night Did you have enough food? On my birthday I had a packet of crisps and a two-day-old sandwich for lunch. What about the bathrooms at the airport? Were you able to have a shower?

So, what did you do all day in the airport? I met some really nice people! We talked, read, played cards. When they found out it was my birthday, one of them gave me his last bar of chocolate! It was a strange feeling having no Internet connection, no phone line.

It was horrible not being able to phone you two!Yes, of course. We use the present simple to talk about things which are repeated every day, every week, every year, etc. I usually get up at 7 o'clock. During the week I have swimming practice on Mondays, I do taekwondo on Tuesdays and tennis on Thursdays.

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