The autism controversy and why its

ShareCompartir Thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative that has been used for decades in the United States in multi-dose vials vials containing more than one dose of medicines and vaccines. There is no evidence of harm caused by the low doses of thimerosal in vaccines, except for minor reactions like redness and swelling at the injection site.

The autism controversy and why its

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But some opponents say its research tactics and spending habits are more hurtful than helpful. Seeing the logo at Major League Baseball games and local walkathons is a sign that a disorder once only associated with Rain Man is getting the mainstream attention and care it deserves.

At that time, the disorder was diagnosed in 1 in children; today it is 1 in That surge in prevalence is by no means a result of more cases as much as greater awareness, and therefore, medical diagnoses. And that may be a credit to Autism Speaks. But as Autism Speaks became increasingly successful, more people directly connected to autism—either through having a loved one with the disorder or having it themselves—grew disenchanted.

By the end of the first decade of the 21st century, autism advocacy and research was hardly a unified front, fraught with its own schisms over how to direct funding for research and lobbying power.

Nothing was more controversial than the theory that vaccines could be causing autism, though several studies showed no connection.

Yet, Autism Speaks kept funding research evaluating a possible link. Byit first chief executive had enough. Alison Singer, the mother of a daughter with autism, resigned from the charity. Her departure was precipitated by her decision as an IACC member to vote against more funding for studies on vaccine safety.


One of its sharpest critics is the Autistics Self-Advocacy Network, a nonprofit that is focused on helping people with autism advocate on their own behalf. Compared to other autism nonprofits, Autism Speaks spends a smaller percentage of its revenue on programming. A comparison of income tax forms found through the Urban Institute shows Autism Speaks declined to comment on its financial matters.

Eleven other higher-up employees in Autism Speaks earned well into six figures that year. Singer notes that Autism Speaks currently funds research projects outside of the root causes of autism. The organization very publicly created a controversy late last year when co-founder Suzanne Wright released a public statement prior to a national summit in Washington, D.

Imagine three million of our own—unable to dress, or eat independently, unable to use the toilet, unable to cross the street, unable to judge danger or the temperature, unable to pick up the phone and call for help.

As a result of the post, John Elder Robison, who was the lone board member with autism, resigned from Autism Speaks. Well-known for his books on autism, including Look Me in the Eye, Robison wrote on his website at the time: Unfortunately, the majority of the research Autism Speaks has funded to date does not meet those needs, and the community services are too small a percentage of total budget to be truly meaningful.

We have delivered very little value to autistic people, for the many millions raised. There are plenty of autistic adults it purports to speak on behalf of. Michael Rosen, executive vice president of communications at Autism Speaks, acknowledges that no one on the board has autism.

On the family-service committee, we have two people with autism.

The autism controversy and why its

One the media team, we have two people with autism. He cites its nation-wide town-hall meetings to encourage people to hire those with autism. There, they are met with rhetoric highlighting messages of tragedy and hopelessness, instead of diversity consciousness, hope, and support to empower their newly diagnosed child.

We think we should create a world where autistic people are included and can have a good quality of life. As a spectrum disorder, the diversity in the manifestations of autism means different autism advocates can—and do—have very different perceptions of priorities for the movement.

The autism controversy and why its

And this linguistic difference means concrete battles over autism. Jan Schakowsky D-IL on an amendment to create more funding for, and increased representation of, autism self-advocates on federal boards, such as the IACC.The causes of autism.

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Along with controversies on the treatment of autism are those caused by theories as to what causes it. There are people who get very excited one way or the other about the following questions: Just as the issue of recovered memories of abuse has raised controversy, the fact that some people disbelieve the reliability.

Thimerosal contains ethylmercury. Mercury is a naturally occurring element found in the earth’s crust, air, soil, and water.

Two types of mercury to which people may be exposed — methylmercury and ethylmercury — are very different. Sources of Autism Books.


A small selection of places you can find some of these books. Note that I have not completely scanned these sites so they also include books not listed here. Why was its use not questioned until the late s, long after the toxic effects of mercury had been recognized? Why was autism perceived to be “epidemic” in the s, and how did it become linked to vaccines in the public’s mind?

Recent Italian Court Decisions on Vaccines and Autism. by Mary Holland J.D. Age of Autism. On September 23, , an Italian court in Milan award compensation to a boy for vaccine-induced the Italian document here.

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