Road to salvation premchand

Alle productspecificaties Samenvatting Consisting of twelve fully illustrated short stories, The Oxford India Illustrated Premchand looks at the village and the small town in India - focal points offering Premchand a fascinating stage for the interplay of diverse personalities.

Road to salvation premchand

May 08, The story opens with a bright morning. The long fasting of thirty days is over and the day is of festival Eid.

People all around are chirpy and getting ready to go to Idgah, which is at a distance of three miles from the village. Rich children will get Road to salvation premchand amount of money in the form of Idi to spend while poor ones will have to control their buying temptations.

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Despite these economical differences, children are happy and positive beyond a limit. Hamid is a five-year-old orphan boy. He is poor and lives with the only guardian of his life — his grandmother Amina.

Hamid is oblivion of the fact that his parents are dead; instead Amina has assured him that his father is gone to faraway land to bring lots of gifts for him while his mother will bring a lot of merits from the home of Allah.

Hamid believes in their homecoming, hence he is always optimistic and full of life. Amina does some petty needle work to keep their lives get going, but in a sense too poor to afford a sumptuous meal on a special day like Eid.

Initially Amina hesitates to send Hamid out to Idgah without a chaperone as she fears he may get lost in the crowd but when he insists she lets him go. Soon he catches up with his friends: Mahmud, Mohsin, Noor and Sammi.

All his friends hail from well to do families; they have over ten paisa as compared to his three paisa Idi. Hamid being poor is obviously ill dressed, bare foot, and poor-looking boy.

All of his friends buy sweets, clay toys and take rides. Though he wishes to feel, touch and buy those toys, but lack of money stops him and he is aware of it. The best thing is his self-control and spontaneous wisdom. He knows that all the joy rides are temporary; toys will perish sooner or later.

While walking in the fair, which is crowded with people and has sundry of shops and vendors, he stops by a hardware shop.

Road to salvation premchand

It is not selling toys but hardware items like pincers, spade, hoe, scythe, tongs, etc. These items are used by adults like farmers or labourers.


At the sight of a pair of tongs, his mind races back to kitchen where his grandma cooks rotis without any pair of tongs chimta. In the process she burns her hand so often. Thinking a pair of tongs will be a fitting gift for her, he buys one with his little money.

All his friends jest about his chimta but Hamid is clever at argument.


He proves to them that his chimta is imperishable and invincible; it is made of metal hence it can work in and resist rain as well as fire.

In the late afternoon he returns home famished. When he presents it to Amina, at first she shows anger, but then Hamid reminds her about her cooking plight. She instantly takes him in her lap and blesses him for his kindness so profoundly that tears become unstoppable.

In this story Premchand shows that children epitomise love, care and kindness towards their elders and notice all trivial things happening around them.premchand - william and mary - the road to salvation premchand winnipeg elk grove, roseville, state of new hampshire, conway, st. paul the road to salvation premchand burnaby edit case study on physical education for money, my futo admission status, northumberland, wychavon the road to.

Premchand, "The Road to Salvation," short story (not in the anthology) Mahasweta Devi, "Breastgiver," short story (not in the anthology) Anita Desai, Clear Light of Day, novel or "The Rooftop Dwellers," short story (not in the anthology but includes "The Farewell Party").

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The Issue of power in the story The Road To Salvation by Premchand and Punishment by Rabindranath Tagore racters who lived in a particular social and historical context in India but the premises that they raised are actually valid in any part of the globe and at any given point in modern times, although these may vary in degree and details.

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