Research papers on inclusion

A working definition of inclusive education based on literature review is included. In order to successfully implement inclusive education, students, families, teachers, and administrators need diversity training, access to inclusive education strategies or activities, and support systems. Perspectives, for and against the methods and approaches discussed, are presented.

Research papers on inclusion

Although the change in the educational environment is significant for handicapped student the concepts of inclusion also bring up new issues for the regular education classroom teachers. The movement toward full inclusion of special education students in general education setting has brought special education to a crossroad and stirred considerable debate on its future direction.

Proponents of full inclusion argue that the needs of students in general education. Those who are for inclusion claim that segregated programs are detrimental to students and do not meet the original goals for special education. Recent analysis show a small to moderate beneficial effect of inclusion education on the academic and social outcome of special needs children.

Research papers on inclusion

Those who support inclusion believe that the child always should begin in the regular environment and only be removed only when appropriate services cannot be provided in the regular classroom. Physical accommodations, sufficient personnel, staff development and technical assistance, and technical collaboration are all brought into the classroom to assist the special needs child in a regular classroom.

Another study assessing the effectiveness of inclusion was done at John Hopkins University. In a school-wide restructuring program called, Success for All, student achievement was measured and several positive changes were noticed: Inclusion is more effective when students with special need are placed in a general education classroom after adequate planning.

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For inclusion to be successful, adequate supplementary aids and support services must be present. Although inclusion seems like a great idea that should be of some form of benefit for all involved, if not handled properly it can become a very stressful situation I believe that inclusion is a good idea when all the proper facilities, services, aids and proper disciplinary strategies are present.

The regular students will become distracted by the constant disruptions, they can even resort to acting out themselves because they are seeing the inclusion student is not being disciplined.

Inclusion is not a program that a school system should consider as a way to save money. To do it right will cost more money. However, the pay off for all students is likely to be worth the extra cost. It was also found students blossoming socially, and many have developed real friendship with children in their neighborhoods.

In additions, all students with special needs who are included are achieving at for higher levels than they did in segregated classrooms. Students even developed real friendships with children in their neighborhoods. In addition, all students have benefitted from having such extra supports as curricular adaptations, study aids, and more individualized assistance.

All students are learning that everyone brings strengthsResearch Papers words ( pages) Inclusion Essay - Although no consensus exists about the definition of inclusion, it can usually be agreed upon that inclusion is a movement to merge regular and special education so that all students can be educated together in a general education classroom.

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