Pressure to be prefect

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Pressure to be prefect

Both he and his father were known exclusively by their middle names. He made his fortune as a railway contractor, and later acquired significant pastoral holdings, becoming a member of the " squattocracy ". He was of Jewish origin, a fact which his grandson did not learn until he was an adult.

A chartered accountant by trade, he married Amy Booth, who was related to the wealthy Hordern family of Sydney and was a first cousin of Sir Samuel Hordern.

His father served on the Wakool Shire Councilincluding as president for two years, and was an admirer of Billy Hughes and a friend of Richard Casey.

Simon Fraser served in both houses of the colonial Parliament of Victoriaand represented Victoria at several of the constitutional conventions of the s. He eventually become one of the inaugural members of the new federal Senateserving from to as a member of the early conservative parties.

He polled only votes across the whole state, and was never again a candidate for public office. His father had a law degree from Magdalen College, Oxfordbut never practised law and preferred the life of a grazier.

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Fraser contracted a severe case of pneumonia when he was eight years old, which nearly proved fatal. He was home-schooled until the age of ten, when he was sent to board at Tudor House School in the Southern Highlands.

He attended Tudor House from toand then completed his secondary education at Melbourne Grammar School from to where he was a member of Rusden House. While at Melbourne Grammar, he lived in a flat that his parents owned on Collins Street.

Pressure to be prefect

InFraser's father sold Balpool-Nyang — which had been prone to drought — and bought Nareen, in the Western District of Victoria. He was devastated by the sale of his childhood home, and regarded the day he found out about it as the worst of his life. Although Fraser did not excel academically, he regarded his time at Oxford as his intellectual awakening, where he learned "how to think".

His college tutor was Harry Weldonwho was a strong influence. In his second year, he had a relationship with Anne Reid, who as Anne Fairbairn later became a prominent poet.

After graduating, Fraser considered taking a law degree or joining the British Armybut eventually decided to return to Australia and take over the running of the family property. He began attending meetings of the Young Liberals in Hamiltonand became acquainted with many of the local party officials.

In Novemberaged 23, Fraser unexpectedly won Liberal preselection for the Division of Wannonwhich covered most of Victoria's Western District. The previous Liberal member, Dan Mackinnonhad been defeated in and moved to a different electorate. He was expected to be succeeded by Magnus Cormackwho had recently lost his place in the Senate.

Fraser had put his name forward as a way of building a profile for future candidacies, but mounted a strong campaign and in the end won a narrow victory. His program — consisting of a pre-recorded minute monologue — covered a wide range of topics, and was often reprinted in newspapers.

It continued more or less uninterrupted until his retirement from politics inand helped him build a substantial personal following in his electorate. At the electionFraser lost to the sitting Labor member Don McLeod by just 17 votes out of over 37, cast.

McLeod concluded the reconfigured Wannon was unwinnable and retired. These factors, combined with the Labor Party splitallowed Fraser to win a landslide victory. This was probably due to a combination of his youth and the fact that the ministry already contained a disproportionately high number of Victorians.

The Vietnam War was the main topic of conversation, and on his return trip to Australia he spent two days in Saigon. As Minister for the Army he presided over the controversial Vietnam War conscription program. Under the new prime minister, John Gortonhe became Minister for Education and Science and in was promoted to Minister for Defencea particularly challenging post at the time, given the height of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War and the protests against it.

In March Fraser abruptly resigned from the Cabinet in protest at what he called Gorton's "interference in his ministerial responsibilities". Gorton never forgave Fraser for the role he played in his downfall; to the day Gorton died inhe could not bear to be in the same room with Fraser.

Opposition — [ edit ] After Coalition lost the electionFraser was one of five candidates for the Liberal leadership that had been vacated by McMahon. He outpolled John Gorton and James Killenbut was eliminated on the third ballot.

Billy Snedden eventually defeated Nigel Bowen by a single vote on the fifth ballot. In the new shadow cabinet — which featured only Liberals — Fraser was given responsibility for primary industry.

This was widely seen as a snub, as the new portfolio kept him mostly out of the public eye and was likely to be given to a member of the Country Party when the Coalition returned to government. He had hoped to be given responsibility for foreign affairs in place of the retiring Nigel Bowenbut that role was given to Andrew Peacock.Pontius Pilate's title was traditionally thought to have been procurator, since Tacitus speaks of him as such.

However, the inscription on the so-called Pilate Stone refers to Pilate as "Prefect of Judaea"..

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