Isllc standard 2

An education leader promotes the success of every student by advocating, nurturing, and sustaining a school culture and instructional program conducive to student learning and staff professional growth. Nurture and sustain a culture of collaboration, trust, learning, and high expectations B.

Isllc standard 2

A school administrator is an educational leader who promotes the success of all students by understanding, responding to, and influencing the larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context.

Name of the Case Study: How can an administrator communicate the impacts of various political and social systems on public education? Head fielded questions from teachers all day regarding the effects of the economy and the recent discussions of school vouchers.

Head has always been very well read and knowledgeable as well as honest. The faculty and staff respect him and his opinions.

Therefore, he decided to call a meeting of all faculty and staff to discuss these issues. Head started the discussion explaining how legislation is passed.

He then introduced the topic of school vouchers and their potential impact on public education. He calmed fears and talked rationally about the positive and negative affects of parents using the vouchers. He personally did not think that they would pass this year and if they did, we would be ready to deal with the ensuing repercussions.

One impact could be lowered full time equivalent FTE counts due to students going to private schools or schools out of district. This issue could significantly affect public schools because funding is calculated from FTE counts. Additionally, if there are a lower number of students, then there is a decreased need for teachers.

Another perceived issue could be increased discipline issues and lower standardized test scores for the school. These issues stem from the possibility of the better behaving and performing students choosing to use the vouchers.

Since the dawn of time, there have and will always be revisions to public education that we will have to confront. He pointed out that we need to continue discussions and find solutions that work for us as changes come about.

He asked the group what they thought their role or the role of public education was in generating an economically productive nation. He listened and offered his own insights, but allowed the conversation to flow. The teachers were able to provide examples of parents of students that had lost their jobs, local businesses that had closed or were about to close.

Additionally, the amount of students that did not qualify at the beginning of the year for free or reduced lunch but that might qualify now.

Isllc standard 2

Head encouraged the discussion, offered suggestions and solicited feedback. He indicated that all faculty and staff should continue the open dialog started today in order to answer tough questions that are sure to plaque public education. The economy will not recover overnight and the school voucher idea is not gone.

Head promoted the idea of everyone staying informed of the impacts either locally or globally that affect public education. He also mentioned that his door is always open.

Answers to the Case Questions: This leader chose to have a meeting immediately following some random, yet significant, discussions regarding these very issues. How can an administrator communicate the role of public education in developing and renewing a democratic society and an economically productive nation?

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He encouraged the meeting participants to communicate opening about their direct involvement in generating a productive workforce. How will the school vouchers and the economy impact public education?

They indicated that funding could be cut and jobs could be lost, as well as changing the makeup of the student body and therefore test scores. The changes in the economy with job losses cause more students to qualify for free and reduced lunches.ISLLC Standard 6 Case Study #6 Standard 6: A school administrator is an educational leader who promotes the success of all students by understanding, responding to, and influencing the larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context.

Rationale: Creating a learning environment that is conducive to student learning is an important part of leadership in a school.

Creating a strategic plan that analyzes a certain issue, creates goals to fix that issue, and estimates the expenditures of completing the plan aligns greatly with ISLLC Standard 2. The following is a summary of the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, formerly known as the ISLLC Standards.

The National Policy Board for Education Administration approved the refreshed standards on October 22, The full standards will be published in November.

Educational Leadership Policy Standards - ISLLC - Model Principal Supervisor Professional Standards. Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation Standards. [2] New York State Teacher Certification Examinations. (). Understanding your test results.

Date Event Administrator/School ISLLC. Standard O/P Hours September 10, School Representative Dr. LaMartina/Belmont Elementary School 16/ P 2 hrs SUMMARY and ELCC Element Addressed. A student was having a seizure during the school day . NEW JERSEY STANDARDS FOR SCHOOL LEADERS.

The New Jersey State Board of Education has adopted the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, released by the National Policy Board (formerly ISLLC) in October The effective date of the standards is April 3, and will sunset on November 12, 1.

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