Differences between socialization and brainwashing

January 10, at 9: Every time I learn that another person I know is in that boat, it gets me more mad. You have my sympathy — sleep is one of my favorite activities, and to imagine you are being deprived of good sleep to support the claims of a collection of losers is disheartening. All I can say is I suspect not nearly enough for a tipping point.

Differences between socialization and brainwashing

You might find this post unpleasant or perhaps, dare I say, offensive …. She had euthanized animals in two years — many of whom were healthy and perfectly adoptable. The fact was there was no space to keep them and no one to want them.

She worked hard to promote adoption over buying. But animal rights activists threatened her and called her a butcher. She took her own life. Distraught by the overwhelming burden of euthanizing animals who have nowhere else to go and being labeled nothing short of a killer by her fellow humans, she injected herself with euthanasia drugs from the shelter.

This story hit me hard. Anger swelled inside me: The problem that Jian Zhicheng faced is one that many, many shelters in our own country face daily. Too many animals, not enough homes.

Differences between socialization and brainwashing

You automatically think of a horrible place filled with horrible people that murder animals rather than try to find them a home.

Kill shelters are in truth open admission shelters. An open admission shelter is required to take in whatever animal crosses its doorstep. On Monday, they start out the week with 80 dogs and 80 cats.

Someone comes in to surrender their year-old golden retriever that has lived with them forever. Right behind the golden comes a mama dog with a litter of 6 puppies.

Twenty minutes later, two dogs that were adopted on Saturday have been brought back because they peed inside the house.

Three cats come in — all from the same place — their owner died and the daughter wants nothing to do with litter boxes. Two 1-year-old labs are dropped off — baby on the way so no more time for high-energy dogs.

A litter of kittens come in with their mama, still nursing. Then the animal control officers come in. Officer Two has brought in 3 more dogs who were reported for chasing chickens. Officer Three has been very busy — 2 abandoned kittens, 3 cats roaming at large and 9 stray dogs nosing through the trash at the landfill.

That brings our grand total up to dogs plus the puppies with their mama and 96 cats. Two dogs more than the shelter can hold. A rolling cage is wheeled into the laundry room to hold one of the dogs — a chihuahua shaking with fear. A staff member takes home the elderly golden retriever to administer meds and free up a kennel.

And the shelter has room for 4 more cats and no more dogs. And yet Tuesday will come with more dogs and more cats. Followed by Wednesday with more dogs and more cats and a couple of parakeets. Potential adopters stroll up and down the aisles, peering into kennels.

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The mutt with a gentle soul and good manners is given barely a glance as one couple shakes their heads and leave, complaining that there were no yorkies. Yet another wants a puppy and the puppy must be fluffy. The little pittie-hound mix pups are totally ignored. In the background, a shelter worker crosses her fingers that her favorite, a year-old border collie with a heart murmur, weak hips and the sweetest disposition will finally find a home.

It is euthanasia day. Who gets to live and who will die? And who are the people behind that grim decision? They are the ones who everyday open their hearts to the sure prospect of hope mingled with a bitter disappointment.

They are the ones who look past the mange, the stinky ears, the overgrown nails, the tangled hair to see animals who were created with intention by God. They see the souls — the sometimes gentle, sometimes fearful question in the eyes of those animals: As they bathe 6-week-old puppies, frail from blood loss because they have been covered in so many fleas, these shelter workers vow silently to show these creatures that yes, it is going to be better now.In college I studied the history of political thought, and I found that by the end of four years, the only thing I knew for sure is that people come together because it’s human nature to come together.

Differences between socialization and brainwashing

australian internet bookshop. internet bookshop: selling books since order 2 or more books: receive 20% discount!! po box , annandale nsw , australia. Free Essays on Differences Between Socialization And Brainwashing for students. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - An interpersonal relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people that may range in duration from brief to enduring.

This association may be based on inference, love, solidarity, support, regular business interactions, or some other type of social feelthefish.comersonal relationships thrive through equitable and reciprocal compromise, they are. While I agree with and appreciate you calling out “you get more conservative with age” as a questionable assumption, I’d also suggest: There’s conservative as a political position on hierarchy vs.

egalitarianism, capital vs. labor, etc etc, and then there’s conservative as a character disposition. Aug 25,  · Is there a difference between socialization and indoctrination?

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What's the difference between brainwashing & indoctrination? What's the difference between religious indoctrination and brainwashing?

What are the differences between indoctrination and education?Status: Resolved.

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