Creative writing activities using pictures to communicate

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Creative writing activities using pictures to communicate

Any number of team members. Instructions Explain to participants that they will have to form a team based on the instructions that you shout out. For example, some instructions could include "Get into a team with people who have the same number of children as you" or "Get into a team with people who like similar types of music to you.

People can shout out or sit down to signal that their team is "complete. Repeat the exercise as many times as you want. Advice for the Facilitator Talk with your team about how this activity encouraged them to communicate. How could they learn to open up and communicate more effectively in work situations in the future?

The Elephant List This exercise is for teams that are committed to open and honest conversations, even when the subject is a difficult one. Not all exercises are light-hearted or playful.

This exercise requires a very experienced facilitator. Your team members may be reluctant to discuss contentious issues in a group, or they may be fearful of raising subjects that could be seen as "off limits" to them.

The facilitator will need to reassure participants that they can do so in a safe, trusting environment. Any number of team members but, if there are more than six or seven people taking part, you may have to have a quick vote to decide which "elephants" to address, and in which order.

Sticky notes or small sheets of paper with an elephant image, which you can call "elephant sheets" you can get creative here!

creative writing activities using pictures to communicate

Three flip charts in a wide circle, or in a U-shape. You can set your own time limit for discussions. Assemble your team and explain the objectives of the exercise, which are: This means deciding whether they are issues that the participants have Control over, that they can Influence, or that they need to Accept.

Hand out the sticky notes or elephant sheets, and give your team members five minutes to write down one elephant. They should also write whether their elephant is C, I or A.

Putting their names on the sheet or sticky note is optional.

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Collect the elephants, read them aloud one by one, then record them on the relevant flip charts marked C, I or A. As mentioned above, if you have a large number of elephants or are limited by time, you may need to vote on which ones to address.

Decide as a group whether the A elephants really are issues that just have to be accepted, and agree on whether any of the C or I elephants are actually A elephants. Then, let the A-list elephants go.

Basically, just accept them. Tackle C and I elephants in open conversations, and try to come up with solutions or action items. Look at each elephant through the "4 Ws. What are we doing about it? Who can resolve this issue? When can we resolve this? Advice for the Facilitator Define specific actions that your whole team agrees with and create an action plan to carry them out.In using these activities, your main goal will be to develop great enthusiasm in the reader for reading and writing.

You are the child's cheerleader. and folk songs to your baby. When your baby is about six months old, choose books with brightly colored, simple pictures and lots of rhythm in the text.

(Mother Goose rhymes are perfect. Qualities of strong writing instruction. In order for teachers to support all students' writing ability development, certain qualities of the writing classroom must be present.

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Visual Literacy: Using Images to Increase ComprehensionIncrease Comprehension Students need visual images to Children live help them read and understand.

2 Today, children of all ages are exposed to technology such as computers and videos. Children who spend most of their time using technology often are not physically active. Creative Therapy for Children with Autism, ADD, and Asperger's: Using Artistic Creativity to Reach, Teach, and Touch Our Children [Janet Tubbs] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Over thirty years ago, Janet Tubbs began using art, music, and movement to reach children with low self-esteem and behavioral problems. Believing that unconventional children required unconventional.

Summary of first grade writing standards including information on first grade sentences, test preparation, and strategies for writing in 1st grade. and other activities.

Students organize their ideas for both self-selected topics and assigned tasks by using simple diagrams, maps, or lists.

Record or dictate personal knowledge of a topic.

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